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Woodstock Farms

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Woodstock has plenty of farms to feed the community, but only one bears the name of the town and it has been well loved by families in the area for decades. Get to know a little bit more about the family and legacy behind Woodstock Farms

Grandchildren are playing around the barn with the three farm dogs when you pull into the driveway. Laughter and the friendly barking makes the place feel welcome and ready for whoever pulls up to the farm stand to make friends.

During any work day, Amy isn’t always easy to find as someone has to weave through their many greenhouses abutting the barn to find her. When she is found, she’s ready to share

with you: share her knowledge of plants, share her time with her grandchildren, to share the history of the Farm.

A farmer’s daughter, a farm mom, and a farm grandma, she and her husband keep the legacy of Woodstock Farm vibrant in the community. That legacy is something she holds dear as she continues in the footsteps of “Mormor,” her mother who worked in the fields far into her twilight years, and was well loved throughout the town and beyond.

As you move through the vibrant colors of plants being well established in the greenhouses, and past the tilled fields, you notice the history in the generations of tractors that line themselves up in the shed, and the murals painted in the barn to indicate “Morfar’s Office” (Amy’s father). They show a history of not a business (though Woodstock Farms is a quintessential family business), but walls, tools, and people that are imbued with care- for the land and the people that come onto the land.

For family farms that legacy can be hard to carry from generation to generation. Land passes hands, the work is hard, and crops and customers are never guaranteed. But as I meet Amy’s daughter, daughter-in-law and grandchildren, it seems that her parents hope for this plot of land will continue on and continue to play just as an important role in the Woodstock community, as Amy and her husband makes sure it does now.

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