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Betsy's Stand

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Over in Moosup you can find not just the veggies, planters, and fruits you love, but a fmaily who loves what they're doing

Back in the mid-nineties Betsy Molodich and her husband were thinking about starting a roadside stand with extra corn, tomatoes, and green beans they were growing on his family's property. Originally just a little stand on the side of the road where people could get some produce based on an "honor system," Betsy's Stand has now turned into a farm stand market that is open to the public 7 days a week where folks can find a variety of their farm grown veggies. Obviously, that's not enough for their loyal customer base though, so they also attend 5 farmers markets during the growing season, and provide CSAs to customers who are interested in weekly shares of what they grow.

To enable them to grow such customer favorites as peaches, blueberries, tomatoes, strawberries and sweet corn, they've expanded their small operation to currently 18 acres: that includes 2 production green houses, a sales greenhouse, and 2 high tunnels to extend their growing season. With all this infrastructure, it enables them to extend their growing into the colder months, and start plants for home gardeners to purchase in the spring.

But delicious fruit and veg isn't the only thing they cultivate- they have grown long lasting relationships with their customers over the years. The individuals who have religiously purchased produce got the privilege of seeing Betsy's daughter, Katie (and now other half of the operation), grow from a little girl to the farmer that is planting and tending their crops! You'll imagine that this mother daughter business seems to be just as much the community's as it is theirs, as you hear stories being swapped at the farm stand.

Stories aren't the only gems you get from visiting

Betsy's Stand though. You get tried and true farmer's wisdom. Katie says it's one of her favorite things about farming- getting to share information with people who genuinely want to know about what they do, how they grow, how to use their food. Customers become involved in the process because they are told about the integrated pest management they utilize on the farm, what pests and diseases Katie and Betsy are fighting at the moment to bring them the best tomatoes, and when they can expect the high tunnel cucumbers to come into season.

Everyone is welcomed to the family table as recipes are swapped about how to cook swiss chard, the best way to steam corn, or what to do with their beets. All theses things are part of farming in the community, and for the community, that is just as important as the actual process of growing food at Betsy's Stand.

Katie's Perfect Steamed Corn:

Husk your ears of corn.

In a large pot bring about 2 inches of water to a boil

Add the corn to the pot and cover

Allow the corn to cook for about 4 mins

Remove corn from the water let dry and cool off a little

Top it off with some delicious CT butter and enjoy!

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