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Organic Roots Farm at Popover Hill

Popover Hill had long been part of the Hampton community but the family was ready to move on and we're looking for someone to take over the farm- the Fishers were that family.

When Sam and Rosetta Fisher were visiting Popover Hill in Hampton, they were not only looking for land, but for an indication that they were on the right land. As they left the barn to explore the property, there it was- a big bold bluebird- clearly in their path, and a token of comfort and reassurance that Rosetta had been looking to at their home in Pennsylvania. It was as if it had followed her here to help guide the way, and thus began the “rooting” of the Fishers at Organic Roots Farm at Popover Hill.

This whole process of looking for the right property was important to the Fishers. They weren’t just looking for some soil to put plants in the ground and sell to neighbors. Rather the space, most importantly, had to be able to envelope community; a key tenet in their farm business and life. This sense of community started with their own- having space to build a house for Sam’s mother and brother so they could join them on the big move to Northeastern CT.

Then it expanded outward toward their Anabaptist Mennonite community that they shared fellowship with. The space was needed to invite folks to a weekly Bible study on the property. Next were other local farmers they wanted to support and buy from so they would not wear themselves and the land out by producing everything they, and others, needed on their farm. The land and buildings on old Rt 6 that had been farmed for hundreds of years provided all that and the opportunity for more. So, Sam and Rosetta built the second house, and opened a farm store.

As they chipped away at the large to do list, the Fisher’s hearts grew larger. Soon, when all these were finished, they would welcome even more people to their community, farm, and home- the neighbors and community in Hampton and beyond. The farm store opened and began providing fresh produce and Rosetta’s delicious bread- all free from chemicals and with a dense nutrition that had the eater’s well-being in mind. Meat, dairy, and other farm products were brought in so visitors can load their arms and fridges with all they need to care for themselves and their families.

And now the farm is ready. To welcome everyone. Not just to the farm store, but to events the Fishers are putting together that celebrate what this growing community and land provides. And they are not marketing opportunities. They are opportunities to sit down at a table and eat alongside someone you have just met, they are opportunities to laugh together as you learn new skills to share the generous land with your community, they are times that invite you to participate in the community that nature provides- as the sun warms the fields, the chickens scratch, and all the world is invited to grow as it should.

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